The Rev. Dr. Judson I. “Jud I” Stone is an experienced speaker, writer and sports chaplain. His speaking includes over twelve years as a corporate chaplain with First Rate, Inc. in Arlington, Texas, over twenty-six years as a pastor in Maine and eleven years as a volunteer sports chaplain with Fellowship of Christian Athletes with Arlington Lamar High School football and U.T.-Arlington men’s basketball. He is a member of the Destin Word Weavers Writers group.

His writing includes a biography of his father (2016), articles and poetry.

Having served as a pastor, corporate chaplain and sports chaplain, Judson has coached youth and adults in life matters. He doesn’t claim any magic formula, except to listen well and to ask thought-provoking questions to help open up clarity, increase confidence and to stimulate deeper contemplation about life, self and faith.

Judson didn’t start out in life as a speaker. His parents took him to a psychologist when he was a small boy in Los Angeles because he wouldn’t talk at home. They were told that he would grow out of his silence. Years later when he was talking out of order, a teacher told him, “Shut up Stone or I’ll turn you to gravel.” He took a speech class in his senior year in high school in which he was introduced to giving prepared presentations and being evaluated. His classmates elected him to give a graduation ceremony speech, but he never imagined himself being a public speaker until he was called into Christian ministry. He has been giving various kinds of presentations ever since.  He works part-time at the local hospital as a Wellness Screener and Patient Transporter

Topics for presentations include, but are not limited to:

  • What’s a Penny Saved?
  • Training, Training and More Training
  • Take Interest to Make Interest
  • Thank a Veteran Today
  • You Deserve an Oscar
  • A Resolution Worth Keeping
  • Bait Your Hooks

Some of Judson’s Accomplishments Include:

  • Teaching in Hyderabad, India, 2015, 2016, 2017.

  • Planning First Rate, Inc. annual company retreats. 2006-2018

  • Leading Homes of Hope house building mission trips for First Rate, Inc. to Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and El Salvador. 2006-2017

  • Placing third in his age category in the Fort Worth Cowtown 5K.

  • Serving as the project manager for the First Rate, Inc. corporate move. 2007

  • Bicycled from Maine to Washington state as a fundraiser. 1992.

Judson is married to Janice Sue who is a registered nurse and the mother of their three grown sons. They have five grandchildren and two granddogs. They reside in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.